LIFE Platform Meeting 2024

LIFE Platform Meeting: Amphibian & Reptile Conservation

Challenges and Opportunities in Europe

We have great pleasure in inviting you to our latest Platform Event which will take place in Santander, Spain from 22th to 24th May 2024. Our hosts will be Fundación Camino Lebaniego Cantabria under the auspices of the Steps for LIFE project

Europe is home to 151 species of reptiles and 85 species of amphibians, many of which are found nowhere else in the world. According to studies conducted by IUCN on behalf of the EU in 2009, more than half of all European Red Lists for amphibians and reptiles (59 percent) and 42 precent of reptiles are in decline, which means that they are more at risk than European mammals and birds. Most of the pressure on these declining species comes from human destruction of their natural habitats, combined with climate change, pollution, and the presence of invasive species.

This platform event will bring together the latest methods and techniques for improving the conservation status of amphibians and reptiles and their habitats. The event promises to be interesting and thought-provoking – bringing together LIFE beneficiaries, other EU projects and key stakeholders across all member states. LIFE projects have played, and continue to play, a unique and very important role, providing platforms for networking and awareness raising, as well as promoting practical conservation action.

Amphibian and reptile conservation is very complex and covers a wide range of issues all of which are intrinsically interconnected. We are hoping to address some, or all of the following key topics in the platform presentations and the working groups:

  • Climate change and Protected Areas. Protected areas for amphibians and reptiles in the context of climate change – Have we protected the right areas?
  • Invasive alien species. Exploring methods and options for removal of species which have to compete with native species.
  • Addressing human pressure. Long term future for amphibians and reptiles considering the increasing pressure on habitats through fragmentation, urbanisation and changing agricultural practices.
  • Policy framework. To what extent are amphibians and reptiles taken into account in national and EU policy agendas?

The programme will include panel discussions with key representatives from across the member states, break out groups to explore the themes more deeply and provide practical advice that can feed into newly emerging policy, poster sessions, consensus building via real time voting and unlimited question and answer sessions.

The event is open to selected LIFE, H2020 and Interreg projects but access may be limited on site and so early registration is recommended!  

Formal registration will be open in early 2024 but you can register your interest by simply responding YES to this email. So please Save the Date.

Any questions should be directed to the event team at


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